S.T. Group has been established since 1947 & now  the group is serving the People in the field of Medicines through Hakim Tilak Raj Kapoor Hospital pvt ltd (Ayuvedic, Unani, Panchkarma & Physiotherapy Hospital) & S.T Hospital (Infertility Centre), in the field of entertainment through T.R Enjoy World (Theme Water Park) and in the field of Education through S.T College of Nursing & Medical Science. At ST Group, our vision is to create, build and sustain a harmonious and forward looking organisation which is not only inspiring, strong and innovative but also an organization which gives back and cares.


Hakim Tilak Raj Kapoor pvt ltd  has been into the business of providing valuable health services to the  people all around the world since 1947 in Punjab. Earlier our ancestors used to provide these services in Lahore. not only ayurvedic & Yunani treatment Centre, but with the view promoting indian sytems of medicines.  Medicines which are given to the patients are performed under the guidance of experts.

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TR Enjoy World is nestled in over several acres of parkland situated on Jalandhar-Hoshiarpur Road. It is a galaxy of amusements and sensations. Its Asias one of best theme water park with water rides,water slides, wave pool, Video games for kids. Train, Eating joint etc. From the jaw dropping, eye ball popping super thrill rides like the Pendulum, Roller Coaster, Dream Girl to the exhilarating rides like the Motorcycle, Sun n Moon, caterpillar and Aeroplane, you’re bound to have an awesome time!

We look forward to creating special memories with you and your family!



Our Parental Hospital - S.T. Hospital has been the pioneer in its field from the very beginning and by all means has maintained this status of providing the best expert advice on issues. Undoubtedly, this all was possible only with the trust and faith that our patients, registered members and other visitors have shown in us. Also, the blessings of almighty God and the satisfied families of our patients have made us reach so far.

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